Faith Presbyterian Church, USA - Jackson, MS

A Favored Reply is Requested
by June 15, 2017

Name     __________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________


Phone    __________________________________________________

       ____   I will attend the Meet & Greet on Friday, July 14th
       ____   I will attend the Banquet on Saturday, July 15th
                 (Tickets $35.00 each)
       ____   Total number Tickets requested

Ad Information

        ____ My Ad and payment are enclosed.

        ____ My Ad has been purchased.

        ____ My $70 assessment is enclosed.
                 ($1 for each year of  Faith’s journey)

        ____ My donation is enclosed.

You may print and mail this sheet with your Ad Form and payment to:

        Faith Presbyterian Church
        70th Anniversary
        3255 Bailey Avenue
        Jackson, MS  39213